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From Diana About Eating Animals
Jan 4, 2011

I appreciate your reply. I really didn't think anyone would answer.

I don't, never have, never will, wear fur or faux fur.

I am not, nor ever will be Vegan. God gave meat to Noah after the flood, with some restrictions. Apparently there are properties in it that is necessary (?) to humans. This was not part of the Mosaic Law, so when Christ died, it was not done away with, as were the 10 Commandments and other mosaic Laws. (Replaced with the Two Commandments, to love God and your fellow human).

However, I do not believe that God ever intended animals to be abused in any way. I have seen other videos with animal cruelty and it disgusts me. An animal can be slaughtered for food without unnecessary cruelty.

Slaughtering animals for fur is an abomination. There is no justification for it. Shear the sheep and use their wool. Ditto llamas, and other fur bearing animals. Plant cotton, and flax. NEVER use polyester. Do no harm to our planet.

The only way this Earth will ever be a Paradise again, is when God intervenes and cleanses it to His satisfaction. We patiently await that day.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you for your reply. We always answer our mail.

We've been vegans for a long time, and we're in our 70's and take no medications, and are in excellent health.

We really don't need any animal products, and we'd be a lot healthier if we didn't eat them.

Also, there really isn't any such thing as humane slaughter. It's all cruel.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

[See Diana's original letter here.]

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