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From Dwight About Liking Eating Animals
Apr 14, 2010

Sorry to say it but I hate killing animals and yes I will agree that there is ways of doing it better but I has to be done. I am in FFA [Future Farmers of America] and we sell market animals. I don't enjoy the thought of killing animals but I like eating them more then salads and fruits.

Your site is noble but full of crap at the same time. It's like your trying to save all the poor animals but I will say right now that it will never happen. But I am all for the idea of killing them in a more humane way other then cutting them first.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Dwight:

Do you see the selfishness in your statement? You said that you would rather cause an animal to suffer and die so you could satisfy your own lust for their flesh, rather than be truly compassionate. There is no such thing as truly humane animal products.

There are far more compassionate food choices than salads and fruit. See our Recipe Section.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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