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From Chris
Nov 6, 2009

Oh my god. I have never seen anything so horrifying as the photos of that poor dog being skinned alive and still living, seeming to ask why. Her eyes. Her will to live, with or without feet, with or without skin, oh god. What is the matter with these evil sociopaths fucking bastard Chinese devils that they can feel no pain or remorse for their inhumanity. For what purpose must the dog be alive and suffering? I cannot turn the other cheek; wish for a place to take every one of them by a gut hold and chop off their hands & feet then gleefully skin them alive then burn their wretched yellow skin while they watched in agony, so it gets to hell quicker.

I am burning my fur coat in a forgiveness ceremony. AND WHY DID YOU WATCH AND DO NOTHING????!!!!!! Surely you could have put a bullet in her brain. I hate this. I wish I could go back ten minutes ago and never see your site.

And I think about what happens to fur some of it becomes leather, suede, etc. Are we wearing torture on our feet, our backs, carrying cash in the bloodied corpses of helpless animals also tortured? What do you factually know about leather? I already refuse to purchase anything with a made in China label because of their child labor laws, but this this is the worst evil I can imagine. And these are stories, images that burn into the brain and will not go away. People do not want to see, do not want to know how evil our own kind can be. How will it stop?

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Chris:

Thank you very much for writing and for your in-depth emotionally filled comments. This is what we need every person to do, but without the thoughts of revengeful violence, for violence only produces more violence. Your idea of burning your fur coat is wonderful suggestion, which you should share with as many other people as you can.

The under cover photographer who took the video of this atrocity had to not disclose what he was doing or the government would have arrested him and taken away the video, and the world would never have had any proof of what they are doing. Since then many stores have stopped buying Chinese fur and some have actually stopped selling fur altogether, and several countries have banned the import of raccoon dog fur, resulting in a drop in demand and fewer animals suffering.

The more we stop wearing fur or even fake fur the more it helps get the message across. And even better is to not eat, wear or use any animals products and to speak out against all animal exploitation.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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