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From Trine About Raccoon Dog Cruelty
Sep 24, 2009


I saw the ugly reportage and Iím appalled.

What is being done to stop this cruelty?

Are you aware of the collection of signature against this cruelty?

I got this from a friend today Ė with a bit under 300 signatures. Do you think it will help any?




Dear All,

Please take 2 minutes to sign this petition and forward to your friends and family who care for animals. It is heart breaking that we as humans can be so cruel to animals. Please make a difference and help stop this brutality................

Please sign. Don't watch video. Itís just too painful but we have to try and stop this brutality. It's about animal rights. But if you must watch there is a link below.

I explain the process below:

With a hidden camera, animals were filmed being SKINNED ALIVE!!! They say it's done to get a more perfect ''cut''. Afterwards the carcasses are tossed into a pile, still alive, and for up to 10 minutes you can see their hearts still beating, in agony, their eyes still blinking, and the puppies' little paws still shaking.

There was one pup who still lifted his head and gazed at the camera with bloodied eyes .

If you don't care to see the video, please sign and forward to your friends. This monstrosity has to be stopped, we have to act!!

Please scroll down and add your signature to the petition and send to everyone in your address book. Do not click on the link, you have been warned that it is too gruesome to watch and something needs to done to stop it....

Thanks for your support

There is no need to see the video, but if you must, be aware, it's horrible. The following video is of excruciating violence. It's painful silence affects us all deeply. If we don't protect animals from this type of brutality, we become accomplices.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Trine:

Thank you for writing.

We and several other organizations are working on ending the cruelty, but the most effective way is taking the money out of their pockets by stopping the wearing of fur through public awareness all over the world. And in addition, stopping all other forms of animal exploitation, too.

Please help by telling as many other people as you can. And we believe that everyone should see the video, for the emotional shock will most likely change them for life and save many animals, particularly if they become vegan.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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