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From Liz About Cruelty to Animals for Fur
Aug 2, 2009


I watched the video last night of the raccoon dog being skinned for fur in unbelievable horror. I could not believe this.

My comments were that I could not get over the animal looking at his own body in horror and the people around it. The hurt and shock and pain in his eyes, both before when it was covered in blood from a beating then being strung up and coming round from this beating to realize he is being hung upside down and skinned and he tried to stop what was going on by looking at his tormentor, then tossed afterwards on a pile of other dogs.

I have had this feeling of vomit in my throat since, and I didnít sleep all night. Surely not all China is like this. Surely these wonderful animals live in the mountains and woodlands in harmony with humans???

I have forced myself again to watch the sickening video today, of these so called dog farms in China.

I look at my own dog, who is similar looking with his furry coat and brown eyes and my heart aches. I cannot believe this goes on. Iíve been naive and like most people shut it out.

I still feel sick like I want to be constantly sick both from the disturbing scene and the animalís pain in his eyes and it has depressed me and Iíve gone off my food. How can I enjoy life with this going on?

Please can we do something about this? These are defenseless animals and we learn from with about love, loyalty, trust and acceptance of anything else.

Yours truly,



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Liz:

We well understand your distress. We were sick for three days after editing out the stills to post in our animal exploitation section.

These torturers will not stop until public opinion forces them to stop. This is why it is so important for all of us to speak out to everyone we can.

We also need to set the proper example to be a credible witness, by not eating or wearing animal skins. All animals suffer in very similar ways on factory farms, so if we become vegan, we save some of them too.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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