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From Ben About Cruelty to Chickens
July 22, 2009

Thank goodness inspectors get inside the chicken operations to document what goes on. Surely legislation - or at least public demand - should dictate a change in practices in what has evolved into a factory food production model. Thank you again for your work.

Clearly, the food producers are not going to stringently regulate themselves. It's up to the market to develop standards which we as consumers need to be led by in making food selection. Here is one problem which government alone can't sufficiently monitor. Again, very clearly, there can be no more passing the buck when it comes to these animals. Very glad to have gotten launched on a new approach. Yes, the problems are massive but it doesn't have to be unmanageable - if enough consumers care.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Ben:

Thank you for writing.

You are correct, more consumers need to care about the atrocities committed upon animals. However the problem is that the industry is driven by money and not compassion.

The best way to start a protest is to go vegan. This way we save at least 3 land animals every month and many more sea animals. And if we encourage others to do the same, we'll begin the take the money out of the producers pockets, and end the torture.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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