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From Debbie About Ending Abuse for Fur
Jun 17, 2009

Thank you Frank and Mary,

Of all the horrific abuse stories I've read and videos I've watched, this is by far the absolute worst. You say the market for this fur is pretty much done but is the practice still going on that you know of? Is there anything we can do to end it once and for all? I would be willing to travel to do something about it.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Debbie:

We believe the torture in China is still going on, only to a somewhat smaller extent, because part of their market has dried up.

Also, the unfortunate reality is that as an individual, you will not be able to save these animals, no matter how much traveling you do. You could save many more animals by being vegan and using that lifestyle as an inroad to changing others. This is particularly important what confronting an animal abuser, because they always try to justify themselves by accusing us of also causing other animals to suffer, but as vegans, we knock the wind out of their sails.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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