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From Debbie About Raccoon Dogs
Jun 17, 2009

Dear Mary and Frank:

Thank you for the update, as sad as it is. I woke up this morning with visions of the pictures in my mind and couldn't help but cry. Do you think that bringing your video of this nightmare to the attention of someone like Bill O'Reilly or the regular news channels would help?

I think one of the biggest problems we have with animal abuse in this world is that no one really knows what goes on; maybe more exposure would help us get the word out. After all, much smaller problems in this world make the news every day and this, to me, is anything but a small problem. What do you think?

God bless you both and thanks again for your note.

Love, Debbie

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Debbie:

We believe that the video has been sent to every major news agency, and to the best of our knowledge, none have aired it, including PBS. This is why we have to use the internet and personal contacts to spread the word.

We have seen several letters to the editor being printed in the past, as a few articles when it was discovered that the so-called faux fur from China was really raccoon dog fur. However no one ever showed any of the graphic images.


In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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