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From Cordelia About Raccoon Dogs and Seals
Jun 3, 2009

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your kind response. Yes, I know those photographs are horrible, but I, like you, force myself to view such images, no matter how bad, so I can not turn away and realize the horrors of what goes on to these poor dogs as well as all cruelty cases.

Being a member of the HSUS and Humane Society International, I received an email from the HSUS yesterday about these Raccoon Dogs being skinned alive. Until I received that email from HSUS, I had never even heard of the Raccoon Dog. Also on the HSUS' email there was a video of the actual skinning of these poor dogs, in which I noticed that most of the still photographs you had, were from that same video. And, yes, I watched it and was so shocked I could not even sleep last night. Those images will never go away and again, that is why I had to watch so I would never forget the horrible atrocities the Chinese who torture those beautiful animals and have shared it with my friends and asked them to sign the pledge, which most have done so.

I uploaded the HSUS' video on my Facebook page and gave forewarning that my friends may not wish to watch it because it was probably the most horrible thing I have seen. I do not know who has watched it, but I know that many have signed that pledge of "no fur". If I get one person to sign, I have done a good job for the day.

I spent the last two years doing what I could as an individual to help stop the cruel baby seal cull in Canada. I really thought those videos from Rebecca Allworth of the Humane Society International Canada were horrible that is until I saw the skinning of the Raccoon Dogs. With regards to the baby seals being slaughtered, we who worked so hard to stop this were ecstatic when we found out the EU passed the ban on Canadian Seal products! What a wonderful treat. So maybe next year there will be no seal cull! Would that not be wonderful!

God bless to you and all creatures great and small..... :0)

Fondly, Cordelia

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Cordelia:

Thank you for all that you are doing. If you come across anything that you believe that we should have on our web site, please send it to us, and if we can help with anything please let us know.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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