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From Linda Posch - 8 Aug 2008


It is my understanding this fish (sturgeon) is sought after by sports fisherman because they are a huge freshwater fish and put up a "great" and prolonged fight.

This enhances the thrill of the chase. This is obvious via the photo of my smiling friends. Shaking my head. What joy can be found in watching an animal struggle in fear for 45 minutes?

I am told this was an 80 lb female. This is small one as far as sturgeons go. While we should respect any and all living creatures, I have a small bias because I am a lady. You just DON'T treat the girls like this.

My other question: How do you hold a fish of this magnitude for a picture? There are no signs of the "flopping" one would expect. However, after fighting for my life for 45 minutes, I am certain I would succumb as well.

A little background information: Sturgeons live for a couple hundred years and the Canadian government put forth protection for these fish as they were close to extinction. In order to not loose money from the fishing industry, sturgeon fishing is still allowed with hookless apparatus and you must throw the fish back after it has been caught.

I hope she made it after they threw her back in the lake. In my opinion, she looks exhausted. Plus she had to live without oxygen for the picture. Ask anyone with asthma how frightening this is.


Dr. Linda Posch

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