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From Ellie
Mar 10, 2008

I fully agree with your approach to animal testing and am willing to do whatever I can to stop it. However, I am stuck on what to think about the cancer medicine point of view.

I support a FULL STOP on make-up and chocolate and other forms of luxuries, but I donít know what to believe about the cancer medicine being tested on animals. Can you reply with a guide to what I should consider before making a decision on this?



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Ellie:

Thank you for writing.

From everything we've learned, most forms of cancer are caused by eating animal products and from the environmental problems associated with raising the animals. If we eat a healthful vegan diet, we build up our immune system and prevent the chronic diseases that the animal research is trying to find ways to treat without preventing the disease in the first place. So, in our opinion we don't need any animal research.

We are +/- 70 years old and we don't get sick and don't take any medications.

We hope this answers you question.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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