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From Brittany
Feb 7, 2008

I viewed your site and looked in the horses section. I cried when I saw those photos. It's sad that some 70% of horses are abused or neglected. All of which contributes to my hesitation to sell any of my horses. I just can't trust the person I'm selling them to. Any person can pretend to be nice to a horse while in the owner's presence. It's when the horse gets to the new home that the trouble begins.

I am 100% against horse slaughter. With all the technology we have today you would think we would be able to find different ways to create the same materials the slaughter houses want SO badly from horses. It's a terrible and cruel way for a horse to die. We've become so spanned out as a population that we've driven horses off of free pasture and into cramped stalls and domesticated life.

While it is true that horses can survive on their own in the wild, they don't survive half as long. As horse owners we have to find that even middle. Keeping our horses in stalls during summer is cruel; if they are out on pasture they are happy. In the winter we should only blanket them when needed. People say blankets are 100% safe, well they're not. Accidents can happen with blankets as well, halters too. It amazes me how people treat horses.

When I was doing OHSET I had a fellow teammate who had a wonderful barrel horse. He was a gelding and he loved what he did. He was the sweetest horse and the best barrel runner out there. My teammate would smack her horse if he slowed down even a little bit, she would jerk his head around the barrels and smack him with her side rope to make him run faster. That gelding never showed a mean streak towards her, he loved her so much that he just kept running. I have scolded her a time or two about her treatment of horses.

People who do not know enough about horses, shouldn't own them. On another occasion she and her mother were loading up their two mares. The trailer was a two horse slant, enough room for both horses but it was night and trailers can be spooky to horses at night. I always let my horses sniff the floor of the trailer before loading them. This girl and her parents did not do that. Instead they tried to load the inexperienced one first. The result was chaotic. The horse absolutely refused. They brought out ropes and whips and laced the long rope through the window of the trailer and attempted to beat the horse inside. One person was pulling and the other was whipping the horse.

I told my mom, "That horse won't go in because its buddy is outside." My mom agreed. We both knew that putting the older mare in first would encourage the younger mare to go in. After a half hour of beating the young mare, they finally put the experienced mare in first and then the young one after. She went right in ... no balking and no refusal.

People should be more kind to horses and all animals in general. God created us all, and I know he doesn't like his animals being treated this way. Sure, you can get an amount of money for selling a horse to slaughter, those people don't mind because they've never SEEN what happens. They just know the horse is killed, but shouldn't that be enough?

If you will write a review for me on horse slaughter I will post it on NEWSVINE, a very well thought of news site. People need to see and hear the terrors of horse slaughter.

I hope your message reaches through to deaf ears, and nurtures open ones. : )

God Bless!

Brittany P.S. ... If there is anything that I as a horse owner can do to prevent horse slaughter, please let me know.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Brittany:

Thank you very much for writing and for telling us about your love of horses and the abuse you've witnessed.

Almost everything we have about horse slaughter is posted on our web site. You are free to download anything and use it to inform others. The more we speak out and write about the horrors, the sooner public opinion will demand an end to the exploitation and slaughter.

In addition to ending horse slaughtering, we'd like to see the slaughter of all other animals come to an end, too.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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