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From Kathi
Jan 26, 2008

Dear Friend,

I wanted to praise you for your website. I happened to come across it, and it really touched my heart. Although I am not a vegan, I am an animal lover. I have a small farm where I rescue abused, abandoned, and unwanted animals. My farm animals are my pets ONLY, including my Georgie … an 1800 lb steer, a retired dairy goat, and many wonderful chickens.

Here on my farm, my chickens have their own “room”, to which I open the door each morning and close the door each night. It lets them out to their play yard during the day, and then, keeps them safe and warm at night. My chickens like to be held and fed chips, cereal, etc. in addition to their food.

As much as I love them, I just cannot imagine them being locked up or discarded like that. My heart just broke to see those baby chicks in a dumpster. Do these people not even have souls?

Anyway, I just wanted to say, May God Bless You in the work you do.



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Kathi:

Thank you very much for writing and telling us about your rescue farm.

We also wonder if the people who deliberately harm animals have souls, too, but then we look at the people who have changed and are now loving and compassionate, and we understand that their hearts and souls are hardened by the lack of empathy in our world. God says that He wants to soften our hearts, if we are willing, so we do all that we can to shock their emotions with the reality of the horror of the cruelty into once again allowing their hearts and souls to be softened.

You may also be interested in our Recipe Section.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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