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From Chiu
Jan 25, 2008

Your website has made me cry. The information it exposes about raccoon dogs makes me feel ashamed to be Chinese.

I've never liked furs, and didn't know people would skin a live animal just to get to their furs. I think all the people that buy, wear, or have any part of this evil process should suffer the same pain as the animals and die and rot in hell!

I will not buy furs or support any one that wears fur the rest of my life. These people are murderers. I would like to see how they would react to having their arms and legs chopped off.

Although your website is very disturbing, this is what people need to see so they will stop buying these furs! I have four dogs of my own and will skin that person alive if they hurt my dogs like those raccoon dogs.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Chiu:

Thank you very much for writing. You being Chinese gives an even greater meaning to the anger and frustration that you feel over these atrocities.

Please take that anger energy and turn it in the direction of exposing the truth to as many other people as you can. Please look at ../articles/act.html

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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