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From Angel
Jan 9, 2008

I am speechless, in tears, overwhelmed, and disgusted by the raccoon dog images and information. I cannot believe what some people are capable of in this world. Do those people not know pain?

After all these years of our species 'evolving,' why is this legal?

I feel so much, but really am at a loss at the moment. I want to help prevent animal cruelty in anyway I can, to be as involved as I can.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Angel:

Thank you for writing and for your desire to help.

Those torturers know perfectly well the fear and pain they are causing, and that is the very reason that they are doing it. They are sadistic!

This is the reason that we all need to do everything we can to inform the public and end the wearing of fur, even fake 'faux' fur, because China has sold raccoon dog fur as fake fur.

Please take a look at ../articles/act.html for some suggestions on things you can do to help.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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