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From Regina
Dec 14, 2007

I have never been so heart-wrenchingly disgusted in my life and cannot imagine how the person filming this raccoon dog atrocity restrained themselves from violently assaulting the perpetrators. Yes, I understand the need to raise awareness of the issue ... however I also recognize the moral imperative to ACT against Godless brutality in all its forms anywhere and everywhere it is taking place.

These people should have been beaten, amputated, skinned and left to die in a heap with each other! Yes, the end consumer is culpable in this crime ... but you were there! What did you do?

Did you register a complaint with the local authorities? Did you demand of your own local M.P. or Congressman to introduce legislation to completely suspend trade with any nation that allows this practice to be conducted? Did you question the moral equivalency of a people who could regard this behavior as acceptable? Or did you thank them for their time and maybe even provide them with payment for being so helpful to your purpose?

Cutting off their access to our consumer markets is everybody's job. Cutting off their hands was YOURS!

Fed up with empty posturing, Regina Canada

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Regina:

Thank you for your email and concern.

This atrocity committed against raccoon dogs first came to the attention of East and Animals Asia, who started an investigation and found that the torture of raccoon dogs was being used as a form of entertainment and tourist attraction with the full knowledge and protection of local officials and police. They determined that their only way to help was to send undercover people posing as tourists and get the evidence to expose this atrocity to the world and turn public opinion against the fur industry and the Chinese government. The exposure has been helping.

We hope you understand, and will help by spreading this information to as many people as you can.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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