Sheep and LambsSheep and Lambs
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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Sheep and Lambs is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Sheep and Lambs - Feedlot-02

Sheep and Lambs - Feedlot-02
(Sheep and Lambs - Feedlot-02) A "sea" of misery!  The United States Department of Agriculture must think this is a good thing, but they are wrong.  To deliberately inflict pain and suffering upon another living being is ungodly.  This is not what Jesus had in mind when He told Peter to "tend my sheep" (John 21:15-17).  By referring to humans as sheep, Jesus wanted Peter and us to treat each other as gently as good shepherds treated their sheep in those days.  Look at how many of the sheep and lambs are looking toward the camera for human relief, and how the lamb, just right of center is looking to mom for similar comfort.
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Photo from: Animals Voice Online

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