PigPig Exploitation
An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from All-Creatures.org

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Pigs is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Pig Exploitation - Slaughter - 02

Pig Exploitation - Slaughter - 02
(Pig Exploitation - Slaughter - 02) This is another look at the holding pen at the slaughterhouse.  Left behind is a dead pig (right) and a "downer" pig who is too sick to walk.  Typically the downer pig would be left to die if they couldn't get it to walk to his or her slaughter.  When a business is based on killing, there can be no compassion or mourning.  Won't you please mourn for them and the millions of other animals who suffer and die each day?  If your sorrow is true, you'll stop eating them, too.
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Photo from: Farm Sanctuary

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