FishFish: They feel pain, too!
An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Fish is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Fish - Bow Fishing - 24

Fish - Bow Fishing - 24
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 24) The reason that we feel that the Church is so wrong about it's silence to the suffering of these fish and other animals is that the Apostle Paul call upon all believers, as children of God, to free the whole of creation from the corruption to which it has been subjected (Romans 8:18-23).  The Church's silence is saying to all animal abusers that the Bible and Paul are wring, and that people should be further corrupting the world with more abuse and suffering.  To us, this is blaspheme.
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Photo from: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

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