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Each and every living being has rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize, including both human and non-human animals and not all of them can speak for themselves. You can speak for them.


What To Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty

What To Do if You Witness Animal Cruelty Online




Tell the Catholic Church to stop its exploitation of animals as 'gifts'
gifting Goats
From The Petition


Stop the Royal Quays Reindeer Parade
reindeer parade
From Freedom For Animals UK


Justice for Dogs Suffering in Filth and Sickness in Pennsylvania's Illegal Kennels
illegal dog kennel




End Coyote Trapping in Ottawa
coyote neck snare
From The Fur-Bearers


Billy will die at the L.A. Zoo if he is not sent to a sanctuary! Free Billy!
Elephant Billy


African Lion Safari: Conservation Lies Don’t Hide Your Abuse
Elephant family
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Stop WAMOS Airline from Transporting Monkeys to Torture and Death in Labs
caged Macaque
From SpeciesUnite


Give Lonely Lucy the Elephant her Chance for Freedom
Elephant Lucy
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Close All Fur Farms in Europe [for EU citizens]
Fox fur farm
From FourPaws


Stop Nike and Adidas from Killing Kangaroos to Make Shoes!
From Vegan FTA


Stop Animal Suffering and Death in Filthy, Dangerous Live Markets
live market Chickens



Help Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
carriage horse
From AnimalJusticeCanada


Send Chronically Depressed Elephant Chendra to Sanctuary Now!
Elephant Chendra
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Tell the American Veterinary Medical Association to reclassify Ventilation Shutdown+ as a “Not Recommended” form of Depopulation.


Hermès Crocodile Cruelty Exposed
farmed Crocodiles


Ban Professional Bull Riders from State Owned Venues
bull's broken leg
From ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund


Horse Killing Actively Promoted by Veterinary Associations
wild Horses
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Tell new CEO to close the Bronx Zoo elephant exhibit and send Happy and Patty to a sanctuary
Elephant Happy
From Nonhuman Rights Project


Support the Right to Rescue
Wayne Hsiung
From DxE Direct Action Everywhere


Justice for Baboons Repeatedly Impregnated and Cut Open for Research
caged Baboon