Washington State's unconscionable denial about wolves
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August 2019


Washington State is in unconscionable denial about wolves. And their great "climate change governor," Jay Inslee, who wants to be president and save the world, can't even be bothered to save the tiny number of wolves in his own backyard.

Please also urge Governor Jay Inslee to acknowledge the reality of this situation and intervene. He says he can't tell WDFW how to operate. That may be, but he could certainly serve influence by coming out with a strong statement in opposition to this madness. We're so tired of Gov. Inslee supporting science regarding climate change and saying he supports science regarding wolves on the federal level (being against delisting), but then ignoring wolf science in his own state!

Ask Governor Inslee to call off the kill order and allow wolves places to live in peace.

Office of Governor Jay Inslee
(360) 902-2200

Governor Inslee's Presidential Campaign page
Remind him that wolves are an integral part of our ecosystem/environment
Online contact form: https://www.jayinslee.com


Please light up the WDFW switchboard with your outrage immediately before it's too late for the wolves actively being hunted by state agents. Use any of the talking points below and demand that Director Kelly Susewind acknowledge that "removing" wolves is demonstrably not working and that wolves should not be killed for the sake of cows.

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Washington State is in unconscionable denial about wolves. And their great "climate change governor," Jay Inslee, who wants to be president and save the world, can't even be bothered to save the tiny number of wolves in his own back yard.

Here are vital questions Washington "wildlife managers" are avoiding as they kill wildlife for private profit:

  1. How can wildlife be wild if it is managed?
  2. How is it OK that wolves, our vital apex predators, have no place to live in peace?
  3. How is it OK that wolves are being killed so cows can graze where they don't belong--on pristine, forested public lands...terrain entirely unsuitable for cows?
  4. How can killing wolves change the packs' behavior in a positive way...when years of experience and science show the opposite to be true?
  5. Why does the same rancher, Len McIrvin, keep getting Washington State to kill wolves so he can avoid protecting his cattle?

The answer to all of the above is that none of this is OK. It is appalling, counter-productive insanity.

For starters, it's absurd to expect an apex predator to ignore a cow served up on a buffet in its home when its favored prey--elk and deer--have been chased away from the area by the chomping pooping machines known as cows.

If you're a rancher who is not willing to protect your cattle from wolves, the taxpayer should not be paying your business costs. And you shouldn't be allowed to desecrate our pristine public lands by grazing your cattle on them.

The environmental and conservation groups that bought into Washington's Wolf Advisory Group and its flawed protocols of compromise with Big Ag and the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) are responsible for what has now become the accepted practice of "removing" wolves to "change their behavior." It demonstrably doesn't work. In fact, both science and experience on the ground show killing wolves ultimately increases attacks on livestock, due to social disruption of the pack.

At this point WDFW deserves to be renamed the Washington Department of Cows. All you have to do is go to their website to see that any conservation work they do is underfunded and that they are primarily about one thing--killing to protect the interests of Big Ag and the hunting lobby. WDFW is an extraction-based agency, a hook and bullet club whose solution is almost always to "kill it."

Everyone who truly cares about wolves and wildlife needs to speak out adamantly against Washington State's killing of wolves and against public land ranching, which destroys habitat and watersheds to support the brutal livestock industry.

WDFW Director Kelly Susewind says McIrvin has been bunching cattle for safety. Not true. According to people on the ground in the area, McIrvin's cattle have been all over the place. McIrvin has also said he doesn't want WDFW range riders near his cattle to protect them; he wanted his own range rider, an inside job. All par for his course, as McIrvin has a proven track record of not wanting nonlethal control measure to be effective.

WDFW has been selling out wolves since 2012 when they destroyed the Wedge Pack. Each year since, as more and more wolves have been slaughtered, wolves have continued to kill livestock. Yet WDFW keeps saying "We have to kill wolves. That'll change their behavior."

When will Washington wake up and acknowledge that killing wolves doesn't work?!!! When will they acknowledge the science--that destabilizing the wolves' family structures throws them into chaos and desperation and increases depredations over time. When will they acknowledge the wrongfulness of gunning down wolves from helicopters, terrorizing all pack members, including four-month-old pups?

This must stop.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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