You won't believe what they're doing to cats
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FROM Barbara Stagno, Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation (CAARE)
May 2019


At the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry, scientists have been maiming and killing cats for years, claiming to study the brain’s role in vision.

In these horrifying experiments, trusting and loving cats and kittens are purchased from commercial animal suppliers and brought into labs at the SUNY College of Optometry.

injecting Kitten

SUNY uses these innocent cats in gruesome experiments that open their skulls and embed electric probes in their brains so scientists can “map” the response of visual neurons. These sickening cat experiments have not resulted in any treatments for vision disorders since they began decades ago.

When CAARE tried to obtain information under the New York Freedom of Information Law, SUNY flatly refused to cooperate, choosing to evade the law rather than reveal the full extent of what’s happening to these poor cats.

Which is why CAARE filed a lawsuit against SUNY last June for failing to comply with the law.

It’s nearly a year later and SUNY has done nothing but stall to avoid letting the world know what goes on in these frightful experiments.

USE THIS FORM  to contact your Congressional representatives today to respectfully request that SUNY comply with the laws. The public has a right to know all the details about what happens to these defenseless kittens and cats in taxpayer funded experiments. Tell Congress: Research transparency is essential.

AND/OR better yet, make direct contact:

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caged Cat


These deplorable experiments have literally gone on for 36 years! Since 2002, SUNY has continued what was started in 1983 at another university, and funded all this time by a grant that has cost taxpayers millions.

It’s horrible to contemplate, but basically these innocent cats are dissected while still alive. Anesthetized and paralyzed while their skulls are surgically removed, they are cut up and experimented on in lengthy procedures that can go on for hours.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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