Amadeus The Tiger Left Alone Showcased While Dying Of Kidney Failure at Olympic Game Farm
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NARN Northwest Animal Rights Network
May 2018

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Carolita McGee, who is advocating for the animals at Olympic Game Farm in western Washington to be sent to sanctuaries, has created a second petition focused on an ailing tiger, Amadeus, who was still on display while suffering and under veterinary care.

Please tell your family, friends and spread this petition via social media! It's time for a change & to stop supporting this hell hole!!! Give your money to legitimate animal sanctuaries instead.

Sign and SHARE THIS PETITION: Olympic Game Farm - Amadeus The Tiger Left Alone Showcased While Dying Of Kidney Failure

Please contact Disney’s headquarters for infringement of the Disney name “Olympic Game Farm.” Let Disney know that you are shocked & disappointed that they would support animal neglect, abuse & cruelty.

Please contact Dr. Carolyn J. McKinnie, USDA’s Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer, for this region asking her to require the owners to make improvements or send the animals to a proper sanctuary. She appears to be the veterinarian who visits the game farm.

  • (740) 816-8363 (cell)
  • Twitter: @AnimalWelfareIC
  • Facebook: 


This information was provided to me by an anonymous source. Amadeus, the tiger, was still showcased for drivers passing by while he was cleary suffering and dying of kidney failure, later last year.

With only a sign on his enclosure, "Under Veterinary Care" to let people know he was sick because he looked in such bad shape. There was no other explanation. The anonymous source found out about Amadeus dying after asking someone there.

The temps were high & uncomfortable for many healthier animals forced to live in these horrid conditions, I can't imagine how this poor boy felt before his death 3 months ago.

More proof the Beebe family need to make some drastic improvements & for Dr. Carolyn McKinnie DVM, supervisor for USDA, to force them to do so or release all animals to a proper sanctuary! This was NO way to keep a dying animal!! He should've been kept as comfortable as possible his last remaining 4 months.

RIP Sweet Amadeus.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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