Florida Orca Protection Act (HB 1305)
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January 2018



For an orca who can swim up to 140 miles a day and dive hundreds of feet deep, life in captivity is extreme confinement. If you’ve ever felt a sense of the great vastness of the ocean, it is truly chilling to consider the life of a wild orca versus that of one in captivity. An orca in a tank is often compared to a human living in a bathtub. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is leading a coalition of animal protection, environmental, and marine conservation groups to introduce the Florida Orca Protection Act, which would grandfather in existing orcas but outlaw holding any additional orcas in captivity in Florida. The act would also prohibit breeding captive orcas or transporting them into or out of state, unless to a seaside sanctuary or required by federal law. It’s a commonsense law that just codifies SeaWorld’s previous commitment to phase out breeding orcas immediately and orca performances by 2019.

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This bill has officially been filed for the 2018 legislative session as HB 1305! HB 1305 would make it illegal to hold orcas in captivity for any purpose (grandfathering those already in captivity in Florida as of July 1, 2018), breed captive orcas, and transport captive orcas into Florida or out of North America, unless provided by federal law or to rehome to sanctuary. Additionally, the bill would require that orcas held for rehabilitation or research purposes be returned to the wild whenever possible.

Florida’s 2018 legislative session runs from Jan. 9, 2018 to March 9, 2018. There are nearly 3,000 bills up for consideration during this 60-day period and only about 10% make it to the governor’s desk. We need your help to make sure lawmakers know protection for orcas is a priority issue for Floridians! It’s going to be a busy 60 days so please keep an eye on this page and follow our FACEBOOK PAGE and the FLORIDA ORCA PROTECTION ACT FACEBOOK PAGE for the latest news!

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