Escaped circus tiger shooting: Congress must act to stop circus suffering
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ADI Animal Defenders International
September 2017


Suzy, a tiger owned by Ringlingís former big cat trainer Alexander Lacey, has been shot dead by police. She had escaped while being transported from Florida to Tennessee, during a stop in Georgia.

Suzy was spotted on the interstate before entering a residential area, where she was killed after becoming ďaggressive toward pets in the area.Ē Ringling Bros parent company, Feld Entertainment, was oblivious to her disappearance and didnít notice she was gone until they reached their destination.

Itís time to stop the suffering once and for all. Please help us secure a ban on wild animal acts.

Contact your Congressmember and US Senators and urge them to co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (HR 1759).

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This is a tragedy that should never have happened but sadly while circuses continue to use wild animals such escapes and attacks will continue, with more often animals but also people paying the price. Governments must act to protect them from the circuses risking public safety and compromising animal welfare on a daily basis.

ADI knows the Lacey family well, having caught on film a catalogue of abuse at circuses owned by the big cat trainerís father Martin Lacey Snr and inflicted by members of the family and staff over the years. Alexander Lacey plans to take his big cats to Germany to present with another circus following the closure of Ringling Bros.

Itís time to stop the suffering once and for all. Please help us secure a ban on wild animal acts.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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