Volunteering at Buffalo Field Campaign's Base Camp
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Buffalo Field Campaign
October 2016


Mass action requires a mass of people: this includes YOU!

Come defend the buffalo by joining us on the frontlines. You can be part of an elite group of buffalo defenders!


We are proud to have facilitated the participation of over 5,000 volunteers from across the Unites States and around the world. Each has joined us on the frontlines and actively helped to save the last wild herds of buffalo.

You, yes you: YOU have much to offer in time, energy, skills, and passion. So will you join us?

Here is a quick look at some of the types of help you will provide when you arrive:

  • Patrols: Join our boots on the ground (or skis in the snow) for buffalo protection.
  • Office work: Answer phones, work on computers, and more.
  • Building and vehicle maintenance: Structures, grounds, cars and trucks—and more!
  • General: Snow shoveling, wood cutting, cooking, gardening, and other seasonal duties.

If you decide you would like to join our ranks, please click the links below to print our three required volunteer documents and either:

Click here to download the BFC Camp Volunteer Application (PDF)

Click here to download the BFC Volunteer Agreement (PDF)

Click here to download the BFC Behavioral Policies (PDF)

Click here to download the BFC Personal Info and Release (PDF)


For MORE details, visit Buffalo Field Campaign's Volunteer Information page.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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