Tell the U.S. Postal Service to BAN Shipments of Live Animals
Action Alert from


Farm Sanctuary
May 2016

[NOTE from All-Creatures: If you eat birds, you are providing funding for hatcheries mailing live chicks and ducklings across the country to be turned into egg producers or chicken meat products.... another reason to be vegan!]


Would you send a chicken through the mail?

As impossible as it sounds, millions of newborn chicks and ducklings are being sent through the mail just like books, clothing, and electronics. They are treated as if they were inanimate objects.

Barely 1-day old, these helpless babies are packed in dark boxes without food or water and sent on harrowing cross-country journeys that take up to 72 hours.

If you believe that living animals should not be shipped through the mail like catalog purchases, then tell the U.S. Postal Service to ban shipments of live animals.

Sign this online petition.


A few months ago, Farm Sanctuary rescued three ducklings at a post office because the man who ordered them was too sick to pick them up. The ducklings had traveled from Iowa to California and would have stayed in the box without food, water, or care if Farm Sanctuary had not stepped in to help.

Just think about how Dominga, Carrera, and Pavarotti, the three ducklings we rescued, must have suffered in that box before they arrived in California. They were shipped without any legal oversight at all as if they were shoes or dishes!

I can only imagine how hot the back of the truck must have been driving across the desert in September. Now, with winter upon us, the cold temperatures can be equally threatening but millions of day-old birds will be boxed, stamped, and shipped to their destinations.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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