The U.S. must ban cosmetics testing on animals
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Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation (CAARE)
June 2015

[Also see Oppose S.1014: The Personal Care Products Safety Act - New bill threatens efforts to ban cosmetics tests on animals]


Animal tests are horrific. No animal should die to test make-up remover or shaving cream. No animal should endure the pain of eye ulcers that develop over days to test whether a new mascara will cause eye irritation.

The list of countries that have banned animal tests for cosmetics is large and growing. But the score is depressing.

The World: 32 The US: 0

That’s why I’m asking you to sign CAARE’s petition today calling for a ban. Because we have an exciting opportunity to partner with to greatly increase the power of our petition by teaming up with a politically active organization that can reach thousands of people.

Sign an online petition here 


When I launched CAARE at the beginning of 2015, I made a promise to our supporters – and to animals – that CAARE would do everything to promote legislation to ban animal tests for cosmetics. Because no animal should suffer and die to test the latest shade of lipstick.

That’s why CAARE started a petition to the U.S Congress asking it to introduce a ban on cosmetics tests on animals, like the rest of the world is doing.

It’s a tall order, given the powerful commercial interests we are fighting. In fact, efforts are underway right now by the cosmetics industry to obstruct efforts by humane groups to pass a bill to ban cosmetics tests on animals.

Despite the obstacles, we must get a ban in the U.S.!

MoveOn will promote CAARE’s petition a lot or a little, based on how much support we get from you. The more CAARE supporters sign the petition, the more outreach MoveOn will do to its own support base.

So please, take ten seconds to sign the petition here. If you’ve already signed it, thank you! Now please forward it to someone else who will. We’ve got to keep the momentum going.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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