Stop the 2015 Seal Slaughters in Canada and Namibia
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March 2015


Protests Against Canadian and Namibian Seal Hunts
International Protests Against Namibian Seal Slaughter

Canada's government needs to hear from its constituents, loud and clear, and from people all over the world, that this massacre must end, once and for all.

baby seal mother
Canadian harp seal mother and pup

Seal pups have been born on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic waters off Newfoundland.

These beautiful, playful animals look at their new world with wonder, through their big, black eyes.

Little do they know that some Canadian fishermen are gearing up to take their boats out to these floes to club and shoot them over the next several weeks.

Toolbox for seal activists:

Please join a demonstration OR organize one in your area

Namibian seal pup
Namibian seal pup

Please join us at the Namibian Mission in NYC and help us let the Namibian gov't know the seals have a voice. Join Friends of Animals United (FAUN) on Friday, March 20, 2015, as we enlighten the public about the seal slaughter in Namibia.

Nursing seal pups are beaten and stabbed in their breeding colonies for over 4 months every year. Adult bulls are shot for their genitalia, which are used as ineffective love potions in parts of Asia.


harp seal slaughter
Sealers like these will kill defenseless harp seal pups in the coming weeks in Canada.
Photo by HSI

If you are Canadian, please begin contacting your MP's and candidates for office this spring to let them know that your vote will depend on their stance on the seal 'hunt'.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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