Urge Law Enforcement to Seize Animals in House of Horrors
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN)
December 2014


The Houses of Horror in question are Willard’s Rodent Factory (yes, it’s actually called a factory – how truthful) in Brighton, CO, and the pet store Jurassic Pets in Thornton, CO.

Owners and management were fully aware of the horrifying conditions and systematic neglect of the mammals, reptiles and amphibians there and obviously didn’t care.

Miss Rat euthanized
Miss Rat was taken to a veterinarian by the undercover investigator. The vet recommended euthanasia to end her suffering...

PLEASE, take 5 minutes and write to (and/or, as always, call) the sheriff’s office, and ask them to seize all the animals at the Willards Rodent Factory, and end their suffering.

horrible conditions
Filthy, overcrowded "living" conditions...
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Adams County Sheriff’s Office
332 North 19th Avenue
Brighton, Colorado 80601
phone (303) 654-1850

And the general moral of the story is: NEVER. EVER shop at stores that sell any live animals. Those little beings come from somewhere, somewhere that PROFITS from churning them out, and chances are really good it was a hellhole.


Watch PETA's undercover video here...

Ghost albino hedgehog
Ghost [an albino hedgehog] was rescued, her infected eyes treated, and is now living in a safe forever home...

A recent undercover investigation revealed horrific conditions in both places. Witnesses found animals languishing and dying in cramped, putrid enclosures filled with feces at Jurassic Pets, and evidence provided by the investigator did allow the Thornton police to raid the store, where they rescued some of the suffering mammals, reptiles and amphibians. However, the Adams County Colorado Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) has thus far refused to help the thousands of animals at Willard’s Rodent Factory, owned by Lynn and Kenneth Kubic. This in spite of the fact that law enforcement has had more than ample evidence of persistent, widespread neglect, abuse and cruelty for at least two MONTHS.

According to the undercover investigator, “the Kubics and their workers admitted to “whacking” rats and mice—swinging them by the tail and hitting them against surfaces in an effort to kill them. Hundreds of rats and mice drowned at Willards Rodent Factory when the tubs housing them flooded, while those who were ill or injured were thrown outside to be torn apart by cats.

The Kubics failed to provide effective veterinary care or euthanasia to scores of ill and/or injured animals—including a rat whose face was apparently chewed off, a hedgehog whose infected eye was neglected for so long that it shrank and lost all vision, and reptiles with mucus oozing from their mouths. Thousands of fish and hundreds of other animals perished—with many left to rot alongside live animals—and ailing survivors were routinely thrown into the freezer to die.”

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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