Tell South Dakota's Deadwood City Commission to deny permit requests for horse-drawn carriages
Action Alert from


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
April 2014


horse drawn carriageContact the South Dakota Deadwood City Commission and tell them to do the right thing and deny permit requests for horse-drawn carriages.

The Honorable Charles Turbiville
Mayor of Deadwood

The Honorable Joe Peterson
City Commissioner

The Honorable Georgeann Silvernail
City Commissioner

The Honorable Gary Todd
City Commissioner

The Honorable Jim Van Den Eykel
City Commissioner


[Ed. Note: To learn more, visit Campaign to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages]

The City Commission in Deadwood, S.D., is reportedly deciding whether to allow horse-drawn carriage rides on Main Street, the town's cobblestone thoroughfare. The general chaos of a main street, rife with loud noises, traffic, and crowds, would be highly stressful for these extremely sensitive, easily startled prey animals with no means of respite or escape.

Subjecting horses to such an ordeal is not only grossly inhumane but also dangerous for everyone involved, with injuries and fatalities being all too common.

The fact that the city also stages gunfights at this location makes matters all the worse.

The horses need your voices now!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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