Stop the Ontario Spring Bear Hunt
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Wildlife Ontario
March 2014


bear hunt cubsTell Premier Kathleen Wynne’s that her decision to allow a Spring Bear Hunt in Ontario will result in the death of hundreds of small bear cubs and must be reversed!

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Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1
phone 800-387-5559
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Attracting hungry adult bears with food bait when they are coming out of a long hibernation and easily shot by a hunter hiding in a nearby tree blind is a cowardly act made worse by the small dependent cubs that are left to die a slow death of starvation.

Sometimes hounds are used to track and tree bears for hunters to shoot. Wounded bears fall to the ground where the hounds attack them.

Hounds may also attack cubs that are stranded on the ground without their mothers.

Also read The bear facts; What’s a bunch of starving cubs when there are votes to be had?

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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