Turkey Leg
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James McWilliams
December 2013


I got around to reading the December 28 NY Times. On the front page you will find this: Disney's Newsest Star, Turkey Leg, Wins Hearts and Stomachs.

Itís a piece on the popularity of massive turkey legs as a snack at amusement parks. These turkey legs, we learn, have 36 grams of fat and 700 calories. Concerns are rampant over human health!

What we donít learnóor at least what weíre never reminded ofóis that these snacks are the legs of turkeys!

turkey leg snacks James McWilliams

Itís an absolute shitty piece of journalism for many reasons, but more than anything else is the fact that it not once includes a reference to the interest of turkeys. Not a hint.

Iíve been noticing and wondering for a while now how journalists get away with such articles without including as a matter of course an animal rights perspective. So, I urge you: write a short letter (no more than a 100 words) to letters@nytimes.com.

Ask them why, in the age of objective journalism, the perspective of the turkey was never considered. Demand an answer. Tell the Times to at least quote an animal advocate.

Also read Turkey Leg - Published Letter to Editor, NY Times

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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