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Take Action Against Backyard Slaughter Near You

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Originally Posted: December 5, 2012

Take Action Against Backyard Slaughter Near You

FROM Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)


Please contact your local legislators today to raise awareness of these issues—and urge them to prevent backyard slaughter from spreading to your area.

Find contact information for your local legislators:


Read Backyard Butchers

backyard, butcher backyard slaughterThe dark world of “backyard butchers,” who slaughter and butcher animals on makeshift farms, is spreading across the U.S. every day. Whether a cheap way to skirt the law, or a misguided attempt to join the go-local movement, backyard slaughter involves shocking brutality.

When “backyard slaughter” is tolerated, animals suffer immense cruelty, starvation, botched “live” slaughters, and are kept in disgusting and diseased yards. Humane slaughter laws, which require animals to be rendered senseless before slaughter, are not followed; instead animals are sloppily shot with handguns, and experience excruciating agony from mishandled, amateur, often live butchering.

No governmental inspection protects these animals or the sanitation of the yards. Overwhelmed by the upkeep of running slapdash farms, these butchers starve, mistreat, abuse, neglect, and harm animals to horrific and gruesome degrees. The yards pose immense risk to public health, safety, and well-being. Blood and animal byproducts are often illegally disposed of onsite, jeopardizing local groundwater. Without any kind of regulation, the meat is sold to the general public on the black market.

Recently, ALDF filed a lawsuit in Florida on behalf of Hillsborough County residents—who are alarmed by criminal violations of public health codes and animal slaughter and disposal laws, illegal sale of horse, cow, and pig meat, and horrifying cruelty to animals found in these yards. ALDF’s landmark case marks the first time Florida residents have sued to stop the unspeakable acts of cruelty committed by backyard butchers and the threat to public health and safety they pose. Help ALDF and the animals by stopping the development of backyard slaughter in your neighborhood too.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!