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Important: Contact Assembly Codes Committee re Puppymill Bill

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
May 9, 2022 

Last week we sent an alert re the Puppymill pipeline bill in the senate; pls add the contact info below re moving the companion version of the same bill out of the assembly committee. The senate version was voted out of committee and is awaiting a full vote on the senate floor. *Time is limited re legislative session.

Thank you.

FORWARDED from League of Humane Voters of New York:

The Assembly version of the Pet Store Bill (A.4283) is presently sitting in the Assembly Codes Committee, Chaired by Jeffrey Dinowitz.

The Pet Store Bill would ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores throughout the state. This would essentially allow for rescue groups and humane societies to showcase animals up for adoption. A large volume of animals who are sold in pet stores come from breeding mills! It is similar to factory farming. They breed large numbers of animals for profit, not taking into consideration the health and welfare of the parents or offspring. These breeders care only about one thing: Maximum output outweighs overhead cost, thus maximum profit!

Please contact Assembly Codes Committee Chair, Jeffrey Dinowitz and ask him to place (A.4283) on the up coming committee meetingís agenda and to report it out favorably. Also, if your A/M hasnít already signed onto (A.4283), please ask them to do so by searching here: 

Thereís much pressure on Albany this year, as the Pet Store Bill was expected to pass both houses last session and be signed by the Governor. Letís keep the pressure on until it becomes law-shutting down these breeding mills for good!

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Codes Chair Phone: 518-455-5965 Fax: 518-455-4437  

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