Unleashed Dog killed goslings while owner watched
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Unleashed Dog killed goslings while owner watched: CONTACT THE FOLLOWING SOURCES

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
May 29, 2018

This is animal cruelty as well as violation of the leash law in effect in NYS.

Please Pls cc notes to SPCA HLE. Also politely cc Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin, whose police dept mishandled this incident: The dog owner should have been charged with animal cruelty and leash law violation, and the complainants given the contact info for the Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

SPCA Humane Law Enforcement:

Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin:

These birds are federally protected. Please politely contact the DEC immediately:

Witnesses: Unleashed dog kills 2 goslings at Bronxville Lake

BRONXVILLE - Bronxville residents were horrified after witnessing a dog allegedly kill two goslings Thursday afternoon, May 24.

Witnesses say the baby geese were killed by an unleashed dog as small children and the dog's owners watched.

Frequent visitor to Bronxville Lake, Regina Thompson, says that the dog's owner didn't seem concerned.

"He turns around and says, 'They're just birds,'" Thompson said. "I looked at him and said, 'Why don't you clean your mess up?"

The dog apparently charged at the two goslings, grabbed one of them out of the water and shook both of them. Another gosling survived the attack, along with two geese.

Other witnesses say they had to shield their children's eyes with their hands so they wouldn't see the violent attack.

Thompson also says when the witnesses called Bronxville Police, they were told that it wasn't in their jurisdiction and County Police have no record of the incident Thursday afternoon.

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