Contact Airport Officials re New Wildlife Management Contract
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Contact Airport Officials re New Wildlife Management Contract

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
February 15, 2017

Wildlife Services' (WS) contract with Westchester airport expires soon: As mentioned, we've continued working with Westchester Airport for them to drop WS and allow open bidding, esp non-lethal methods like avian radar and drones

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It's unlikely they'll invest in those - but they should, and also give serious consideration to non-lethal methods like Geesebusters. Please contact the airport Advisory Board and politely urge them to drop Wildlife Services and allow Geesebusters to participate in open bidding. WS airport contract is up in April. You don't have to be a Westchester resident to contact them; if you are, indicate it.

Thank you!

SAMPLE LETTER - can cc all parties

"Dear Mr. Scherrer,

Other companies should not be denied bidding to perform airport wildlife mgmt; Wildlife Services charged Westchester County over half a million for their last contract - this taxpayer burden could be much lighter, non-lethal and more effective, if provided by avian radar, drones or Geesebusters. Taxpayer funds should go to more efficient, non-lethal methods which are also preferred by Miracle on the Hudson's Capt Sullenberger. Please grant a bidding opportunity, and serious consideration to them, ASAP. Its time for modern, proven effective methods.

Thank you.

Peter Scherrer, Airport Mgr 

cc: David Gelfarb

Vincent Kopici 

Eileen Mildenberger 

Rocco Turso 

Camillo M. Santomero 

Hugh Fox Jr. 

Stephen Ferguson 

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