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Regarding Indulgences and Penances

Although in orthodox Protestant Bibles there is no scriptural basis for the doctrine of indulgences, there are doctrinal bases in Ecumenical and Catholic Bibles.

Tobitb (Tobias) 12:9 "For almsgiving delivers from death, and it will purge away every sin."
(Revised Standard Version, Ecumenical Edition.)

Until the early 1900’s the following indulgence was incorporated in the preface of Catholic Bibles (In the Douay-Rheims, it was placed before the New Testament; in later versions before the Old Testament).

"An indulgence of 300 days for reading the Holy Gospels (in later versions `an indulgence of three years for reading the Books of the Bible’) is granted to all the Faithful who read these Holy Scriptures for at least a quarter of an hour, with reverence due to the Divine Word and as spiritual reading…. A Plenary indulgence under the usual conditions is granted once a month for the daily reading." Pope Leo X111. December, 1898, Preces et Pia Opera, 045. (Enchiridion Indulgentiarium, 694).

This meant that you could build up enough remission of sins to nullify your temporal punishment in purgatory (if of course this was scripturally sound – and you could read – and had access to a Bible) right through to the Great White Throne Judgment, thereby abrogating/canceling the necessity to pay any more dues.

BUT! On the 25th of January 1959. Pope John XX111 called together seventeen Cardinals and announced the inauguration of the Second Vatican Council; the findings of which became later known as Vatican 11 being the Conciliar and Post Conciliar documents which contain the Catholic Church’s new laws regarding dogma and so-called sacred liturgy.

The liturgy regarding indulgences (extracts of which cannot be printed here because of copyright) was made cononical law by Pope Paul V1 in the Indulgentiarum Doctrina in Jan. 1967 and it ABOLISHED the giving of indulgences by time period so that you could no longer build up a period of retribution annulment for your own or anyone else’s soul (either living or dead).

1 John 2:26 "This is all that I am writing to you about the people who are trying to lead you astray. But you have not lost the anointing that He [The Holy Spirit] gave you., and you do not need anyone to teach you; the anointing HE (the Holy Spirit) gave teaches you everything….(Jerusalem Catholic Bible).

The above only applies to those who are led by the HOLY SPIRIT – others need to be taught by these Saints.

Right up to the present century few people could read, and even fewer could read the Bible because it was not available to them (even today it is amazing how many are still illiterate even in the western world}, being reliant upon others to interpret the Bible to them (and this is where many of the Devil’s false doctrines originate); but today – instead of listening to man’s preaching or teaching, we can ourselves study and absorb the truths of God if we so desire (and we have to desire – even thirst after, covet, pine for, crave) – which is far harder to do than read or listen to the so-called wisdom of humans, because we ourselves have to desire and try to the best of our own abilities and God given powers and wisdom to overcome the intrigues of the Devil before the Holy Spirit and our own angels can/will help us.

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