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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!

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Feature for Friday, September 17:
fish organs
Fish Are Sentient Too...
Fishes experience emotions, pleasure, pain, and fear. They have nerve receptors that detect painful events. Pain signals are sent to higher brain areas. Pain receptors are similar to amphibians, birds, and mammals. The three types of pain receptors in people are also in Fishes. Their pain sensitivity is comparable to humans.
Fishes Articles


Feature for Thursday, September 16: crated Sow and Piglets
Touching a Sow...
Since there are so many alternatives to pork, there isn’t any reason not to start choosing a compassionate Vegan diet now. Do it today, for the millions of sows denied true motherhood and the hundred million piglets turned into pork.
Articles Reflecting a Vegan Lifestyle / The Meat and Dairy Industries 


Feature for Wednesday, September 15: shelter kittens
All-Creatures Newsletter, September 16, 2021...
Writings of the Animal Liberation Front – knowing your Dog – microsanctuary joys – Mexico bans animal tests for cosmetics – Reno city council ends wildlife killing contests – Human and Animal victims of kill shelters – chemically destroying wild Horses – is “cultured meat” meat? – about Mice, Hedgehogs and Voles – legislators allow Horse soring cruelties to continue – Biden Administration leaves Wolves with no protections – end Fauci’s Beagle bug-bite experiments – and more... Weekly Newsletters


Feature for Tuesday, September 14: Baby Elephant Mumo
Let's Celebrate: There's a new elephant mum in our midst!...
Today in the early morning light we were once again treated to this perfect surprise. With many of the ex orphans fussing around, there was an excited buzz in the air. Nannies Sites, Ishanga, Mwende (an ex orphan's baby herself, firstborn to Mulika) along with Mulika and Mkuu, Yatta and her offspring Yoyo and Yetu, Loijuk and Lili, Kinna and Kama, were all present sharing this new gift of life with their keepers at the Ithumba Stockades.
Wildlife Articles


Feature for Monday, September 13: cosmetic testing mouse
Mexico Becomes First Country In North America To Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetics...
The law also bans the import, manufacture, and marketing of cosmetics that have been tested on animals anywhere in the world.
Clothing/Cosmetics and Animal Abuses

Feature for Sunday, September 12: Lamb of God
Worldly Ways Can Never Make Peace...
I strongly believe that if we are truly born again and have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and we don’t allow worldly people, including religious leaders, to persuade us that any worldly ways are acceptable to God, such as eating animals, we will retain a soft heart and feel the pain and suffering of the whole of creation and do whatever we can peacefully do to free creation from its present corruption.
An Bible Sermon
[Photo of Krishna, rescued lamb, courtesy of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]

Feature for Saturday, September 11: Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry Muffins...
Blueberry muffins are a delicious vegan treat for breakfast or snacks. Leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator in a covered container, where they will last for several days, and can be warmed in a microwave oven before eating.

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