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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!

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Feature for Thursday, June 17: caged Beagle
Approaching Thirty Years in Science: What Has Happened, and What Should Have Happened, in That Time...
Dr. Bailey describes his journey through his scientific career, from the end of his days as a student, through to working with the Center for Contemporary Sciences committed to saving and improving lives by catalyzing the world's transition to human-specific medical research.
Animals in Labs / Alternatives to Animal Testing, Experimentation and Dissection


Feature for Wednesday, June 16: long-haired Cow
All-Creatures Newsletter, June 17, 2021...
the ongoing cycle of animal mistreatment - the vegan "no" - compassionate tourism/electric carriages - animal sentience and the law - animal rebellion/social justice - 4H kids choosing sanctuary - what is eco-salvation? - phasing out animal testing for good? - more wild Horse wipeout horrors - Persons 2021 Newsletter - schizophrenic monkeys - injection of rights? - and more... Weekly Newsletters


Feature for Tuesday, June 15: Hen and Chicks
On The Need for Eco-Salvation...
Over the course of history, hubristic humans have ascended, assumed, and aspired to a sort of god-status over the creation. This is rooted in a deep misunderstanding of dominion as domination or total control over the creation, rather than the deep care and responsibility inherent in the creation stories.
Animals: Tradition - Philosophy - Religion Article


Feature for Monday, June 14: caged Mink
HIDDEN: Glimpsing the Unthinkable - Jo-Anne McArthur
The animals we use most in our daily lives are hidden. They’re hidden away in factory farms, fur farms, and in labs that use them in research and testing. They are also hidden euphemistically; we don’t say we’re eating a calf, for example    . We say we’re eating veal. And in animal research, an animal is “sac’ed” when they are finished being used. Being killed is called being “sacrificed.” These words sound much more noble. They create space between “human” and “animal,” “us” and “them,” “subject” and “object.”
Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies


Feature for Sunday, June 13: Lamb of God
Why Should People Abstain From Flesh Foods?...
It doesn’t matter what a person says about their faith or belief; if they kill and/or eat any animals, they are not filled with the knowledge of the Lord. How much better we would be if we strive to be holy all the time by eliminating the greatest impediment to our being truly holy: by stopping the exploitation of all animals, and in the process restore true peace on earth?
An Bible Sermon
[Photo of Krishna, rescued lamb, courtesy of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]


Feature for Saturday, June 12: Cinnamon, Raisin, Peanut, Whole Wheat and Oat Flat Bread
Cinnamon, Raisin, Peanut, Whole Wheat and Oat Flat Bread...
Cinnamon, raisin, peanut, whole wheat, and oat flat bread, is a deliciously chewy vegan recipe that is great for breakfast or as a snack. Preparation time in about 10 minutes, and baking time is another 10 minutes or less.


Feature for Friday, June 11:
Piglet Willie
The Cycle of Animal Mistreatment...
Our mistreatment of animals makes us sick, and then we often mistreat animals to make ourselves well.... Now is the time to change our relationship with nonhuman animals.
Animal Rights Articles / COVID-19/Coronavirus Articles Directory


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